You could call it Providence…

I’ve never been one to believe in Providence, but, well ….

Okay, so to stay within my own comfort zone, I’ll just accept it as the natural order of the Universe. Let me just say that the Universe has been shouting this month. No matter whose voice you assign to it, there is no mistaking the message:

Buy wood. Make something beautiful.

I happened upon an advertisement: “Barn full of wood … quartersawn white oak”. I forwarded it to my dad. It turns out that the man behind the advertisement was an acquaintence of my dad, by the name of Don Arndt. Don harvests local hardwood, dries it in his kilns, and sells it. He also offers his mobile sawmill services.

Dad had lost Don’s phone number a few years ago, so it was quite a break, and an incredible coincidence, to come across the one classified ad that Don would run this year. I bought three beautiful boards of quartersawn white oak, just under 25 board feet of 6/4 stock, all still rough sawn. I don’t know yet what I’ll do with it, but once again, I whisper my gratitude to a generous Universe.

Now that I think about it, I’m starting to like seeing the natural order of the Universe as a string of good fortune.

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