Sleeping and Dreaming

I slept in an extra hour this morning. Six o’clock was still early enough to get in some journal time. One or two interesting ideas came out of it, outlining my creative agenda for the rest of the week.

I wish I had all day to create. There’s not enough time in the day with everything else. As far as creative agenda goes, job one is to clear my plate of distractions. That will at least open up more time, and give me a more positive outlook on the time I spend on creative work.

Browsing for good photos of natural scenery, I stumbled upon a few bloggers who post their photos with commentary – some really great shots. Good photographers with an eye for composition, color – it made me want to pick up the camera again. It’s been a few years since I stopped to take a thoughtful picture.

Looking back, I realize that my creative output went in cycles. I spun through different outlets in my adolescence, growing in fits and spurts: theater, music, writing. In hindsight, it’s a familiar pattern. Most creative people I know have more than one output.

It’s really not a bad way to be, I suppose. It could work out well, since my workshop is uninsulated. If I could condition myself to work within those cycles, maybe write more during the winter, that might just work out.

Meanwhile, at least I have the rest of the week figured out.

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