constructive interference

There are two ways to look at phenomena – as random pieces in an aggregate, or as parts to a coherent whole. Admitedly, each worldview is problematic, but I find an instinctive, intuitive affinity for the part-whole worldview, which accepts cause and effect more neatly than the piece-aggregate worldview.

I’ve never believed in fate. I’ve always believed that we determine what we call our fate through our choices, and that, to some extent, we can define that “whole”.

What I’m beginning to learn, though, is that those choices work within the context of the larger universe, which has rules and laws and behaviors of its own. I can’t expect to fly through the air just by choosing to put on tights and a cape. Gravity and other laws of physics predict that such a result is highly unlikely.

Conversely, there are some attributes of nature, of the Universe itself, that are more subtle. They are like certain blowing winds that, if you are pointed in the right direction anyway, will help you on your way.

Their energy works in waves, which naturally interfere with the output of our own efforts. If the energy of your efforts are not in phase with the energy of nature, it produces destructive interference, canceling out your work: your energy is wasted. Work with those waves, learn to let your efforts synchronize with them, and they amplify your efforts.

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