4 thoughts on “Happiness is a Tool in My Hand

    • Thanks Chris! You’re absolutely right. Teaching my son the craft of woodworking has been doubly rewarding the past few years; not only do I get to spend quality time with him, but I also get the joy of teaching a willing and motivated student, using all of my coaching skills to help that student improve.

  1. Hello all. I was cleaning out my parents old farm house and came across a box that has Plow and Daddoes in it. I don’t know its worth or too much about it. Do you know of anyone that is might be able to put a value on this for me. I believe these were used by my grandfather many years ago. The box says Fales Patent Planes with several sizes listed. I also have another box of forms and cutters. They appear in great condition although I am not familiar with them. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you,

    • Sam, I’ve not seen one of these in person, but they have a reputation for being overly complicated. Because of that, I would consider it more of a collector’s piece than a user’s. Patrick Leach summarizes it here, and Larry Meeker shows an example here. You might give Larry a try. Best of luck to you!

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