Please Hold for Your Next Available Woodworker

Wednesday morning found me parked in front of the DeWalt Factory Service Center in Lenexa Kansas, waiting for the store to open so I could buy parts for my thickness planer. The manager saw me waiting and invited me in 15 minutes early. I was back on the road by the time the store was supposed to open. What a great guy!

DeWalt Service Center

Why did I need parts? It seems the nut holding the pulley on the cutter head had worked loose, allowing the drive belt to slip and burn through the belt guard.

burning plastic stinks

The belt went on quickly, and while I had everything apart, I decided to make things neat and tidy, cleaning off the mixture of sawdust and lithium grease. I used graphite spray instead of lithium grease. No more gunk!

neat and tidy

Last but not least, the bed got a coat of paste wax.

like a new dime

2 thoughts on “Please Hold for Your Next Available Woodworker

  1. I am so proud you were able to make the repairs yourself. It is a good feeling to be self sufficient isn’t it? Dad

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