Sold: Jet Lock Rip Fence Parts

My 1978 Delta Rockwell Unisaw came standard with a Jet Lock rip fence, but I upgraded to a custom-fabricated t-square rip fence.  I’m parting out the Jet Lock fence for your benefit and mine.

Update: I’m reaching the point where I’d rather have the space than the money, so I’ll sell the front clamp assembly, the front and rear rails, and the fence extrusion, all for $30 plus shipping. Standard Post might be the best option.

Front Clamp Casting only. This is the cast-iron body that rides along the front rail. A bargain compared to buying new. $75 marked down to $30.

Front Clamp Pad only. This piece presses against the front rail and pulls the threaded rod that runs through the fence extrusion to tension the back clamp. $30 marked down to $10.

Eccentric. This is the cam wheel that presses against the front clamp pad. The handle screws into this piece. (The handle I have was made by brazing a socket-head set screw to a screwdriver handle – perfectly functional, but not exactly original equipment. I’ll throw it in for free if you want.) $25 marked down to $10.

Front Clamp Assembly

Front Clamp Assembly. If you want the Front Clamp Casting, the Front Clamp Pad, the Eccentric, the Pinion, and the pins to hold everything in place, I’ll knock $30 off the overall asking price. $100 it’s marked down to $40.

Front Clamp Assembly

Front and Rear Rails, with hardware. The rails have an outer diameter of 1 3/8 inches. The overall length of the rails are 44 inches. The front rail is machined for rack-and-pinion adjustment. There are four holes for mounting – the two inner holes are on 16-inch centers. Holes are drilled for 5/16″ fine thread bolts, which are included in the price of the rails. On my saw, the front bolts were received by nuts, while the back bolts were received by tapped holes in the table. $75 marked down to $25.

Jet Lock Rip Fence

Aluminum fence extrusion. Some blade scoring – good for a sacrificial piece? Buy the rails and if you want, I’ll throw in this piece and the threaded rod for free. $5.

To see more tools, click anywhere you see a for sale link.

The fine print:
– To purchase one of these items or to ask a question, please use the contact form below.
– Purchasing is pretty simple. Let me know you want a tool, and I’ll let you know the cost for shipping (Priority Mail Flat Rate unless you request otherwise). Send me that amount via PayPal, and I’ll package and ship your purchase.
– Returns are pretty simple, too. If you’re dissatisfied with the item you receive, let me know. Ship back the unmodified tool at your expense and I’ll refund your original purchase price.

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