Sold: Stanley No. 18 Knuckle-Cap Block Plane

This is an earlier model with the Excelsior body style. There is little to no nickel left on the first generation knuckle cap, but it’s starting to show a nice patina. Japanning at 90%. The iron is a much later Stanley, with just a little bit of life in it. No eccentric lever. $25 marked down to $20.



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The fine print:
– To purchase this item or to ask a question, please use the contact form below.
– Purchasing is pretty simple. Let me know you want a tool, and I’ll let you know the cost for shipping (Priority Mail Flat Rate unless you request otherwise). Send me that amount via PayPal, and I’ll package and ship your purchase.
– Returns are pretty simple, too. If you’re dissatisfied with the item you receive, let me know. Ship back the unmodified tool at your expense and I’ll refund your original purchase price.

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