Well, That Didn’t Take Long

I hereby surrender to my son’s enthusiasm. I figured we’d wait until later in the year to team-build the Dutch tool chest to hold his kit, but considering I didn’t wait until the dining room table was built to begin my tool chest, I couldn’t exactly tell him no.

Who could look this guy in the eye and tell him not to build something?

Who could look this guy in the eye and tell him not to build something?

We spent Friday evening in the shop, picking out some reclaimed pine for his tool chest, and sawing it to rough length. I step in when he wears himself out, but for the most part I let him run with it.

Measuring and making

Measuring and marking

Saturday morning, he and I were back out in the shop before 7 AM. While he sawed more boards to length, I sharpened the iron on the jack plane I picked up for him last month. He took to planing with the same enthusiasm he showed for sawing.

Go, Speed Racer!

Go, Speed Racer!

After lunch, he was on to other interests, such as playing Minecraft. That gave me time to work on my tool chest. Sunday morning I got my final panel glued up, and then shifted to leveling joints and squaring up end grain.

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