Old Hand Tools

Tool Dealers

Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools
Auctioneer out East. Good source of research information.
Superior Works
Patrick Leach offers a monthly “for sale” list of used and antique tools. Known as “The Merchant of Ashby,” Leach was one of the first to recognize that woodworkers might want to put old tools back to use.
The Best Things
An antique dealer who happens to like woodworking. Usually has some Moseley and Sons tools! As the name suggests….
Bob Kaune Tools
Pricy, but certainly good stuff. Lots of old Stanley.
Falcon-Wood Tools
A tool dealer and woodworker operating out of a Massachusetts antique mall.
G and M Tools (UK)
Machine and hand tools. Usually offers Moseley and Son planes.
Inchmartine Tool Bazaar (UK)
An excellent source for Scottish and English tools online.
Jon Zimmers Antique Tools
Based in Portland, Oregon, Jon sells a variety of American-made hand tools.
Meeker’s Patented Antiques
The Meekers offer high quality antique hand tools. They were very helpful recently when I was restoring a No. 151 Stanley spokeshave.
Offers old and new hand tools from the UK.
Sandford Moss offers great values in used and antique tools.
Jim Bode Tools
Fantastic tools, and very easy to deal with.
Hyperkitten Tool Co.
Joshua Clark is an up-and-coming tool dealer with an eye for great tools.
Brass City Records
Walt gets ahold of some crazy-cool tools and offers them at great prices.
The Old Tool Shop (UK)
A nice selection of interesting hand tools from the UK. Offers prices in US dollars.
Plaza Machinery
Based in Bethel, Vermont, Joe sells American-made used machines, parts and accessories. A good guy to know.
The Saw Center
Great resource for old machinery parts.

Old Tool History and Use

Early American Industries Association
A group dedicated to the history and traditions of the trades.
Mid-West Tool Collector’s Association
A group dedicated to knowledge of old tools and their uses.
Patent information for old tools. Invaluable research information.
Millers-Falls history. Good stuff if you’re interested.
OldTools Mailing List
A bunch of good-hearted folks who love old hand tools and know a lot about them.
Old Woodworking Machines
Another bunch of knowledgable, good-hearted folks.
Superior Works
Patrick Leach’s “Stanley Blood and Gore” is a great resource for Stanley tool information.

2 thoughts on “Old Hand Tools

    • Hi, Jim. Parts for used tools can be very hit-and-miss, especially if your tool was not produced in large numbers. You may end up needing to look broadly for the same model. Are there any identifying marks you can share?

      For better or worse, eBay can be a good source for parts. Individual dealers may have parts, but you’d need to contact them individually. Sometimes you can meet fellow enthusiasts through your local woodworking guild.

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