Tool Makers and Suppliers

Interest in hand tool woodworking seems to be at a high, even if a majority of us own few pieces of furniture built with hand tools. Here are some of the good people carrying on the tradition.

Bad Axe Tool Works
Mark Harrell offers custom-ordered back saws.
Jameel Abraham makes precision vise hardware and more.
M. S. Bickford Hand Planes
Matt Bickford reproduces 18th century wooden planes.
Daed Toolworks
Maker of photogenic infill planes.
Hock Tools
Ron Hock, or Reverend Ron to the initiated, is proprietor of Hock Tools. His plane irons and other products enjoy universal praise.
Ashley Iles
Maker of fine woodcarving and woodturning tools in the English tradition.
Lee Valley and Veritas
Lee Valley sells a wide range of hand tools and supplies.
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Maker of high-quality hand tools.
Old Street Tools
Formerly Clark and Williams, Old Street Tools is a pioneer, bringing 18th century wooden plane technology to today’s craftspeople.
Pinewood Forge
Del and company offer handcrafted woodcarving knives in the Scandinavian tradition.
Philly Planes
Phil Edwards makes traditional wooden planes in the UK.
Tools for Working Wood
Joel and company offer traditional tools and supplies from their Brooklyn headquarters.
Tried and True Wood Finishes
Linseed oil -based finishes without heavy metal driers.
Wenzloff and Sons
Makers of traditional hand saws.

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