Audience, Considered

Over the years I’ve struggled with the argument that a blogger should make some attempt to keep to some focused range of topics.  After all, as a person I am not easily defined by any one of my interests, and I felt that Life Revisited offered an interesting conceit, that the central theme of my creative pursuits was the desire to examine the world with fresh eyes.

I’m finding, though, that it’s optimistic naive of me to assume that a reader who shares my interest in poetry might be willing to filter out the noise that originates from my interest in woodworking (and vice versa).  Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking for a new approach, one that acknowledges the Venn diagram of interests I share with my readers.

So, to my fellow poets, I announce a new blog, Veil of Tablets.  I have migrated my poetry-related posts there from Life Revisited, and I’ll be deleting that content from Life Revisited shortly.

I plan to continue writing about woodworking on Life Revisited.  I’m excited to explore more hand-tool topics in the coming months.  I’ll probably also contemplate the economics of hand tool woodworking and our relationship as amateurs to the craft of woodworking – fertile soil.

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